Missions outreach



We continue to send love for suffering people in the world at this time and include Ukraine. Poland has been absorbing most of the refugees so far, who are women & children only since males over 16 are not allowed to leave Ukraine. Our brethren in Poland continue to take aid to the thousands of refugees.     Our financial help goes directly to the Ukrainians.      It provides food, shelter, and medical needs.  Thank you for giving and sharing God's love.    


*Donations accepted in SS & thru Church offering: Marked UKRAINE

*Our giving will be sent directly to help refugees.


Please pray with us for the safety for all people.

Our polish brethren are distributing supplies to help the refugees from Ukraine. May God help us to keep sharing His love.

If you are called to help, please make donations to marked Lebanon.Thank you and God bless you.

Pastor Gabe on panel discussion on Global refugee crisis filmed at and hosted by The Grove Church FEB. 26, 2017.
"How the church can rise up and shine in the global refugee crisis."

To see Gabe's presentation here on our site- go to Sabbath Services: Sermons: Feb 26, 2017.

This is an ongoing mission we support all year for education for peace, teaching widows skills to help support their families, food and shelter.