Missions outreach

Our Pastor Gabe’s missionary trips in October 2019: Begins in Lebanon.

     Gabe will pays for all of his travel & expenses to Middle East

while Sabbath School supports the Missionary portions.

  2019 Missions

Pastor Gabe brings food and essential supplies to needy refugees in Syria & Lebanon. Please pray for his safe journey and that God will help him to aid as many souls as possible. *For more information contact please Gabriel Bejjani or the office: 951/686-0545

If you are called to help, please make donations to marked for Gabe's annual mission trip. Thank you and God bless you.

Pastor Gabe on panel discussion on Global refugee crisis filmed at and hosted by The Grove Church FEB. 26, 2017.
"How the church can rise up and shine in the global refugee crisis."

To see Gabe's presentation here on our site- go to Sabbath Services: Sermons: Feb 26, 2017.


Pastor Gabe  2019 Mission trip.


This is an ongoing mission we support all year for education for peace, teaching widows skills to help support their families, food and shelter.